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Victory on the Volga

Soviet victory at Stalingrad – the battle that changed the course of the Second World War

15 minute read

Why Roosevelt was Right About Stalin

The case in favour of President Roosevelt’s appeasement of Stalin during World War II.

15 minute read

What Would George Kennan Say about the Ukrainian Crisis?

“We must be gardeners and not mechanics in our approach to world affairs” (George F. Kennan)

15 minute read

Russia’s Pivotal Role in Ending the Holocaust

The Red Army’s liberation of Auschwitz and other Nazi death camps.

15 minute read

Timothy Snyder and the Nazi-Soviet Pact

A critique of Snyder’s interpretation of the Nazi-Soviet pact.

30 minute read

What George Kennan can teach us about US-Russia relations

Kennan’s changing views on the Soviet Union, from containment to advocacy of detente.

15 minute read

Restraining Russia Through Friendship: Lessons from the 19th Century

An historically based argument in favour of detente with Putin’s Russia.

15 minute read