Key Books

Revisioning Stalin and Stalinism

Complexities, Contradictions and Controversies

Edited by James Ryan and Susan Grant

     “This book of new essays is dedicated to Geoffrey Roberts, a notable Soviet specialist…Most of the contributors acknowledge their debt to Roberts, illuminating the importance of Roberts’s work in influencing their own research and the book is a fine tribute to his career and influence..This new collection has as its objective a revisioning of both Stalin as leader and of Stalinism as a political force…This collection adds much to the historical scholarship surrounding Stalin his era and his politics and also contains a good supply of material that will be used to stimulate debate and inspire further research.” Craig Gerrard, History: The Journal of the …

Stalin’s Library

A Dictator and His Books

“Stalin was a lifelong reader of astonishing stamina and range. In this shrewd and compelling exploration, Geoffrey Roberts finds the key to understanding the despot and his despotism hidden in plain sight in the pages of his books. The love of reading drew Stalin to the revolution and gave him the intellectual assurance that all his ruthless violence was both necessary and justified. Stalin’s Library offers a new and fascinating depth of insight into the mind of a fanatic.” Rachel Polonsky, author of Molotov’s Magic Lantern   “Innovative and intriguing: the warlord and mass-murderer as bookworm, librarian and intellectual. A …

Churchill and Stalin

Comrades-in-Arms during the Second World War

Martin Folly, Geoffrey Roberts, Oleg Rzheshevsky

“An important resource for studying one of the most important facets of Second World War diplomacy, and conveys the abiding message that national leaders can transcend their differences to work towards a common goal” Jonathan Colman “Churchill and Stalin provides an intriguing and detailed insight into how two of the 20th century’s leading figures presented their cases to each other and negotiated their positions. Accounts of their face-to-face meetings are fascinating.” Taylor Downing, Military History Magazine “The definitive documentary on the relationship of Churchill and Stalin during WWII, produced by a team of three co-authors combining their specialist skills. The …

Stalin’s General

The Life of Georgy Zhukov

“Roberts, who has studied and written on the Soviet experience in World War II for decades, shows his comfort with the material in his absolute control over a complex narrative..This is a fine biography, wrapped well into the broader context of Zhukov’s war and the Soviet system he served so loyally.. A readable, sound, balanced portrait of a fascinating man operating on a vast scale.” Stephen Randolph, Washington Independent Review of Books “The most comprehensive biography of Zhukov available in English, which chronicles not only the marshall’s well-known military feats but also, and very importantly, the military and political intrigues and …

Stalin’s Wars

From World War to Cold War, 1939-1953

“Geoffrey Roberts offers the reader a classic grand narrative of World War II…and the inception of the Cold War from a Soviet perspective….he has a masterly command of his material and with Stalin’s Wars has given us a passionately argued and meticulously researched account of Stalin as war leader which is compelling reading and has justly been hailed as the most up to date and comprehensive on the subject.” Judith Devlin, Dublin Review of Books   “Stalin’s Wars by Geoffrey Roberts…is in many respects a model of scholarship. It draws on an impressive array of Russian, British and American archives…It is impeccably …